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Alzheimer’s Care: How to Keep the Home Safe

 Alzheimer’s Care: How to Keep the Home Safe

The needs of our loved one with Alzheimer’s disease include their safety at home. Because of this, relocating them to a rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts can be an even better option. Yet, even when they are at home, you can still implement important safety practices.

Here are some tips we would like to share with you:

  • Ensure that every area at home is safe for your loved one.
    Evaluate the safety in the bathrooms, kitchen, garage, living rooms, and even in the patient’s own room. Install grab bars as necessary. Put non-skid mats on the floors. Make sure that the lights are bright enough to help them see well if ever they walk on their own.
  • Re-arrange the furniture at home to reduce their access to items that can be dangerous to them.
    In the kitchen, for instance, it will be helpful to replace artificial fruits with the real ones. They might not realize the difference of these objects. As a result, they may ingest these items by accident. As much as possible, let them have access to things that are safe for them.
  • Put up a monitoring device in their room.
    This device can alert you if ever your loved one with Alzheimer’s is in need of help. Because of their cognitive problem, they may not be able to call for help immediately. The device can be life-saving during times of emergency.
  • See to it that the walkways at home are free of clutter.
    You cannot risk an incident of falls for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. If you cannot always monitor this aspect, you can seek help from senior care providers.
  • Lock any item that you see are dangerous for them.
    These can be pesticides, sharp objects, motorized items, and even their medicines. Because of their Alzheimer’s, your loved one may not be in the right mindset about using the items in correct manner. As a result, their safety can be put at risk.
  • Plan for any emergency situation.
    As a provider of senior care in Massachusetts, we know how it can be challenging to address emergency situations when you have vulnerable persons to protect. Yet, having an emergency plan can help preserve lives. If ever you will need a more detailed plan, consult with care professionals about that matter.
  • Install smoke alarms at home.
    Along with that, conduct regular evaluations whether these alarms work. These alarms can alert you quicker, and as a result, you can also assist your loved one faster.

When your loved one’s Alzheimer’s condition becomes too complicated for you to address, consider relocating them to Donna Kay Rest Home. Even when you also need temporary help, we can also provide you with quality respite care. Don’t hesitate to inquire from us today if you’re interested to learn more about our services.

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