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Brain Exercises that Boost Mental Health

Brain Exercises that Boost Mental Health

The more that we keep our brains mentally active, the more we increase its capacity to stay functional and healthy. So if we’re able to provide opportunities to exercise our brains, it will then be ideal to spend more time with these activities. Would you agree?

In our rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts, we promote brain-boosting activities. As we provide care and assistance to dementia patients, we know how these activities promote brain health. We know that these activities are not able to heal dementia and its related conditions. However, we also know that these can delay the progression of these diseases.

For that reason, we also encourage you to take time for these mentally engaging activities. These activities benefit you especially your aging loved ones. These brain exercises include the following:

  • Getting Additional Education
    This does not mean going back to a physical store. Instead, it means exploring new learning opportunities. For instance, your aging loved one can learn a new sport, a new hobby, or even a new language. The new engagement can get their minds working, and as a result, it helps to exercise their brains.
  • Playing Board Games
    There are many exciting board games to choose from. There is chess and scrabble, and then there’s also a monopoly and others. Board games are very mentally engaging as these can cause the players to think, analyze, and make decisions. Because of this, your senior loved one’s mind can be occupied, keeping their thoughts on the move. Furthermore, they can also play these games with their grandchildren. This can strengthen their relationship with each other.
  • Finish Puzzles
    Aside from board games, there are also many different kinds of puzzles that seniors can play with. There are crossword puzzles, number puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles. The interesting thing about this activity is that it keeps the senior-focused and engaged, which exercises their brain as a result. Because of that, our providers of senior care in Massachusetts also find time to play these kinds of games with our residents.
  • Read or Write
    Even if your elderly loved one is not very fond of reading, there will still be exciting pieces of literature that they would like to read. After reading, they can also write about what they have just read. So encourage your loved one to read even if they already have dementia. Their mind works in analyzing and understanding what they’re reading and writing. As a result, their mental strength is even more enhanced.

At Donna Kay Rest Home, the mental health of our residents is prominent in our advocacy and service. So if you need help in taking care of your loved one with dementia, whether for a short-term or long-term basis, know that you can contact us. Our respite care providers can fill in for you when you need a hand.

How do you find this set of tips? If these are helpful, feel free to share with a friend or loved one!

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