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Medication Non-Adherence: Contributing Factors

Medication Non-Adherence: Contributing Factors

Medications are an essential part of staying healthy in old age. Seniors need to take their medications on time, as well as refill their prescriptions now and then. Unfortunately, some of the elderly suffer from health problems, which contribute to medication non-adherence. According to health experts, medication non-adherence is a crucial factor that puts a senior at risk of many health complications.

A study done by the Annals of Internal Medicines shows that non-adherence to medications accounts for 125,000 annual deaths in the United States, 10% of hospitalizations, and $100 to $289 billion of costs. To avoid further complications, Donna Kay Rest Home lists down some factors that lead to medication non-adherence:

  • Lack of Education
    If you have questions about your prescriptions, ask your doctors, pharmacists, and other health providers. They can help you better understand the importance of your medications.
  • Cognitive Impairment
    Medication non-adherence can be traced down to mental and cognitive problems experienced by many seniors. If your senior loved ones suffer from cognitive impairment, seek help from a provider of senior care in Massachusetts to assist them in their medications.
  • Fear of Side Effects
    Side effects may arise when one takes medications. But, they only affect a small portion of the patient population. For your loved ones to further understand medication side effects, ask for help from experts at a rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Isolation
    Seniors who live alone are more likely to miss out on their medications that those who live with their families. If you have to leave your senior loved ones behind to cater to your personal needs, get help from a respite care provider to oversee them while you’re away.

Medication adherence is something we seriously pay attention to in our rest home. Our medication administrators will help your loved ones manage and organize their medications to avoid missing a dose. Contact us now to set an appointment.

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