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Mental Disorders: WHO Prevention Tips

Mental Disorders: WHO Prevention Tips

Mental health issues are a global concern. Everyone is at risk, especially seniors. As such, Donna Kay Rest Home simplifies some tips from the World Health Organization to reduce the risk of developing a mental illness in your senior loved ones:

  • Manage Stress and Enhance Resilience
    Multiple factors can lead to stress. Whether at work, school, and other settings, one should take tangible steps in managing the stressors. One way is to enhance an individual’s resilience against stress. Some effective resilience approaches include engaging in social activities in school or work, participating in skill-building programs, maintaining a green environment, and availing of senior care in Massachusetts.
  • Aspire for Economic Security
    In some cases, depression happens due to financial reasons. Economic insecurity plays a role in the development of mental illnesses, especially when individuals owe huge debts or loans. Likewise, your senior loved ones’ mental health greatly benefits from their economic stability. They don’t have to be rich; they just have to manage their finances well.
  • Improve Their Health and Nutrition
    Studies have proved the link between nutrition and mental health. Proper nutrition supports people’s overall biological functions, including their mental processes. Thus, make sure to pay attention to your senior loved one’s diet and nutrition by seeking help from respite care providers.
  • Participate in Community Activities
    Social engagements and community interventions help defy the formation of mental illnesses. As humans are social species, we need constant interaction with one another. A notable example of community service promotion is allowing seniors to engage in social activities provided by a rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Identify Individual or Family Determinants
    Sometimes, mental disorders appear due to family issues. If you experience family problems, don’t let the situation emerge into something worse. Seek help from professionals if needed.

Mental health is an important matter to discuss. If you need discussions about your senior loved ones’ mental state, set an appointment with one of our representatives. Call us now.

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