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The Cognitive Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

A lot of things may hinder seniors from socializing. Some of these obstacles may include physical challenges, loss of loved ones, cognitive decline, and other daily living factors. Their family members might not be available to assist or accompany them when necessary. To overcome obstacles such as these, providers of senior care in Massachusetts and … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Benefits of Music for Seniors

Listening to music is not only entertaining; it is also a therapeutic activity that can provide seniors with a lot of health benefits. Music addresses the emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of an individual. Seniors who listen to music can make the most of improved self-confidence, increased communication and social skills, and enhanced emotional … Continue reading

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Senior Care: Aging and Healthy Living

As a provider of senior care services such as respite care, medication supervision, and more, Donna Kay Rest Home reminds you how important it is to have regular checkups and prevention screenings. When you know what’s going on in your body, you’ll also be guided with what you should do to prevent debilitating complications. If … Continue reading

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Aging Gracefully: Improved Quality and Quantity of Life

Recent statistics suggest that the aging population will double by the year 2050. Along with this rise in number are various concerns regarding the prevention of age-related chronic conditions. But, don’t worry. If you and your loved ones need help with managing your health, providers of senior care in Massachusetts and other areas are here … Continue reading

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Mental Disorders: WHO Prevention Tips

Mental health issues are a global concern. Everyone is at risk, especially seniors. As such, Donna Kay Rest Home simplifies some tips from the World Health Organization to reduce the risk of developing a mental illness in your senior loved ones: Manage Stress and Enhance Resilience Multiple factors can lead to stress. Whether at work, … Continue reading

Medication Non-Adherence: Contributing Factors

Medications are an essential part of staying healthy in old age. Seniors need to take their medications on time, as well as refill their prescriptions now and then. Unfortunately, some of the elderly suffer from health problems, which contribute to medication non-adherence. According to health experts, medication non-adherence is a crucial factor that puts a … Continue reading

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