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Tips for Caring for Loved Ones with Mental Disability

Tips for Caring for Loved Ones with Mental Disability

When we have loved ones with mental disabilities, caring for them up to their aging years can be a crucial step to ensure their overall wellbeing. Regardless of your loved one’s age, you know that caring for them will require for you to get some help every once in a while. These are instances that providers of respite care can be very instrumental for you to continue providing quality care to your loved ones.

Whether you have been a primary caregiver very recently or for many years, it still helps to learn or refresh our learning with important principles of caring for our loved ones. As trusted providers of quality senior care in Massachusetts, here are helpful tips we can recommend.

  • Facilitate Doctor’s Communication
    Your loved ones with mental disabilities also need to meet with their physicians for regular checkups. As their primary caregiver, it’s important that you take note of their medical history or keep records that show this information. This way, you can have a smooth way of communicating with your loved one’s doctor when it comes to their overall health and wellness.
  • Create a Health Record
    To better equip you in monitoring the progress or decline of your loved one’s condition, it will help to write your observations on a regular basis. A health journal can also back medical information and records, which doctors use as reference for the next medical intervention that should be provided.
  • Update on Medication Report
    When your loved one is taking regular medications, make sure that their healthcare team knows about the adherence as well as the specifications of these medications. When you write down their reactions to the medications, their doctor will have a way of knowing whether the medicine needs to be maintained or replaced.
  • Ask Questions
    When you encounter confusions in the matters of caring for your loved one, don’t ever hesitate of asking this from your doctor. It’s the safest way for you to do when you ask from the right health authorities rather than deciding things on your own, which might lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Be Mindful of Caregiver Stress
    Your role as the primary caregiver is very crucial in the overall wellbeing of your loved one. When you get stressed or burnt out, this can affect the way you assist your loved one. Take control of your health and mental wellbeing, and when you sense that you need to get a break, make time for it. The better you are, the more helpful you can be to your loved one.

In our rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts, you can find an extended home for your loved one to serve as their alternative location of care. Whether for short-term or long-term basis, we can be your extra hands in ensuring that your loved one is properly cared for even with their mental condition. We would love to entertain inquiries from you. Get in touch with us at Donna Kay Rest Home.

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