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Workout Tips for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Workout Tips for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our loved ones with developmental disabilities also need to exercise or workout. Physical activities are essential for all regardless of our age or developmental condition. Yet, your loved one may need help in doing exercises. That’s what we are here for. Providers of senior care in Massachusetts can help your loved ones with a developmental disability. This way, your loved one can still maintain an active lifestyle.

To help your loved one with exercise, here are tips to keep in mind.

  • Follow an Exercise Program
    It may be essential for someone with a developmental disability to work with a fitness coach. This way, they can have someone professional who can assist them in following through exercise routines. If your loved one is being assisted by a fitness professional, you can be there to help them carry out the activities.
  • Speak with Clarity
    A person with a developmental disability can have communication difficulties. It can be difficult for them to understand words when these are not simple for their understanding. Because of this, it is helpful if you talk with your loved one using simple and clear words. For instance, if you want to remind them that it’s time to exercise, speak with gentleness and tact.
  • Address Individual Needs
    Every person with a developmental disability is unique. This is a fact we always address in our rest home in Worcester, Massachusetts. Because of that, they will also have unique ways of doing a routine or exercise activity. Ensure that the exercises they do are personalized for their specific needs.
  • Consider their Feelings
    Exercising is a very physical activity. Because of this, your loved one with a developmental disability might have a difficult time adjusting to the routine. They may also feel negative about exercise. On another hand, they may also have other physical issues that can keep them from exercising properly. In any case, we must listen to what they feel. Let us be considerate about their emotions so that we can help them see how exercising is beneficial for them.

The care needs of a person with a developmental disability can be varied. Yet, at the end of the day, they are still individuals who can benefit from regular exercise and an active lifestyle. If your loved one is still not into these activities, find a way to encourage them. In our care home, we also provide exercise programs that can benefit your loved one who has a developmental disability. We help you ensure that they receive quality care.

What do you think about the above reminders? Are they something that you are very interested to apply? We hope they are. If you’re also looking for help and assistance in caring for your loved one with developmental disabilities, inquire from us. If you want to have a personal break and you need someone to aid your loved one, we can provide respite care. Your loved one is welcome at Donna Kay Rest Home. Even if you need help for a permanent or temporary basis, let us know.

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